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Increase Online Traffic - Using Yahoo Answer To Increase Online Traffic

by Vincent T

Using Yahoo Answer can dramatically increase targeted traffic to your web site by leveraging the target-specific audience.

To increase online traffic is the most important factor for any webmaster to make money, it is also the most important skill to learn for any online business to survive.

There are many free ways to drive traffic to your website, online business owners without a huge advertising budget will be able to take advantage of it. The only question is how to do it and what strategies to apply. There is a common misconception that many webmasters have, they think that free forms of traffic are low in quality. In fact it is not! It's all depend on what kind of sources you are using.

In this article, I am going to talk about using Yahoo Answer to increase online traffic to your website. Will you be interested?

I properly don't have to tell you that Yahoo Answers works in a very simple way, any users will ask questions and any users can answer their questions. Yahoo Answers seems to be the perfect solution for most people. When they need help, they will post a question at Yahoo Answer and people around the world will provide them with an answer to solve their problem. So what does this have to do with increase online traffic?

Go to Yahoo Answer and look at the people answering the questions, you will realize that many of them aren't utilizing it to their advantage of driving traffic to their websites! When you help someone out, you build direct trust, and when you take the next step to offer a greater solution to help them even further, you increase your sales. This is very similar to Forum marketing.

There are so many different niches and markets to choose from so you are bound to be an expert in a certain area. Go to Yahoo Answer and look for questions that are posted on your niches. Help them by posting a good Answer and provide them with a link to your website. You got it. People will always have problems, your products and services will help them to solve their problems. Once you build trust with them, they will click on your link to see what you can offer to help them. Remember that solving a problem equals a higher conversion in sales or commission.

It is a great way to increase online traffic using Yahoo Answer, because visitors that click on your link are very targeted traffic and they are also very potential customers. It is a waste if you do not make use of this source to drive traffic to your website.

This article is written by Vincent T. Learn how to effectively drive traffic to your website or affiliate site using Yahoo Answer, you may visit: Increase Online Traffic

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